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In December of 2011, Our payroll team has been restructured by adding additional payroll experts as well as implementing new systems in order to provide a higher level of service to our employees throughout the United States and Canada. Under the leadership of our Human Resources manager, our team receives regular training in order to be well versed in payroll laws and industry best practices.

2012 looks to be an exciting year as we have embraced new changes & additional staff to support new back office procedures, added a Marketing Department, began utilizing new tools for more effective recruiting methods & candidate reach and opened up the additional space needed to house our expanding operations. Conference in Boston

On Novermber 14/15th, The Fountain Group had the pleasure of attending a two day workshop hosted by in Boston, MA. Our team was among fifty leading organizations in the staffing industry to attend this event. One of the topics discussed was best practices in harnessing Social Media to attract top candidates for our clients open requisitions. At this time, we are organizing a strategy to best take advantage of the new opportunities to connect with a broader base of candidates.

As we close out 2011, TFG has continued to gain recognition for our performance in the VMS/MSP staffing environments throughout the United States and Canada.

TFG Awarded for 2009/2010

TFG is pleased to announce being awarded the 6th fastest growing firm by total revenue in the Tampa Bay area and the 19th fastest growing firm by revenue percentage increases for the fiscal years 2009/2010. The awards were determined by a Third Party (CBIZ Kirkland, Russ, Murphy & Tapp) review of audited financials.

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Milestone Reached for our Clinical & Scientific Services

The Fountain Group is pleased to announce that we have built our internal proprietary database of Clinical and Scientific candidates to over 250,000 professionals nationwide.

We can attribute reaching this milestone to the daily commitment of our recruiting team, partnerships with leading research oriented Universities and effective branding/advertisement.

TFG has seen a surge in client demand over the past twelve months in the following locations: Northern California, Chicago, IL, Boston, MA, RTP, NC and Northern New Jersey.

Our goal for 2011 & 2012 is to increase our participation with additional leading companies in the Life Sciences/Pharma industry. A partnership with The Fountain Group will offer these prospective client’s access to candidates we have worked so diligently to establish relationships with.

Whether you need a Scientist with experience in Protein Research , Phase I – IV Clinical Research Associate, or a Language Translator to help your Multi-National organization communicate, please consider The Fountain Group as your source for the top talent.

For sales inquiries, please email:

For candidates, please send an email to: (24 hour response)

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Your Outsource Decision. Staffing Partner or Consulting Service?

Your Outsource Decision. Contingent Staffing Labor or Consulting Services?

There are many similarities between the two most common methods of outsourcing critical job functions however there are two distinct differences that should be noted when the decision has to be made on utilizing a Consulting company versus a Contingent labor staffing partner.

Those differences are:

1) Cost

2) The ability to hire someone as a Full Time employee if the chemistry and skills are a good fit.

Many organizations feel that the extremely high cost of consulting is justified due to the fact that the resource being sent to do the work is a professional with a known track record.

The Fountain Group has implemented a hybrid model which brings the best of both worlds to our clients

TFG has purchased CRM technology and implemented an internal process to help us with “redeployment” of contractors who have successfully completed previous assignments to the satisfaction of our clients. This allows us to offer the direct Hiring Manager the peace of mind that the employee has been vetted, the Procurement Professional the ability to leverage cost savings and the Human Resources Professional the ability to hire a good employee.

If you are interested in case studies or specific metrics, please send your inquiries to

Article from the Wall Street Journal – H1B Visa’s 2011

A visa program designed to supply skilled foreign workers to companies in the U.S. has slowed sharply, attracting about 50% fewer petitions so far this year than last year, and 80% fewer than in 2009.

Several factors have contributed to the decline in H-1B visas, including the lackluster pace of the U.S. recovery, more opportunities for skilled workers in their home nations and higher visa fees, which appear to have spurred Indian companies operating in the U.S. to seek fewer visas. Attacks on the program by congressional foes of U.S. immigration policies have also cast a shadow over it.

[VISA2] Bloomberg

Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, held an H-1B visa.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services told The Wall Street Journal this week that it received about 8,000 H-1B petitions from businesses in April, the first month the agency accepts them for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1. That compares with 16,500 petitions in April 2010 and about 45,000 in April 2009, according to USCIS.

“It’s baffling that H-1Bs aren’t picking up if the economy is stronger,” said Steve Miller, a Seattle attorney who prepares petitions for employers in high tech, retail and other sectors.

For years, the H-1B program was a mainstay for software companies, architecture firms and other businesses that seek foreign nationals to fill certain jobs. Demand for the visas by companies outstripped supply, and companies such as Microsoft Corp. lobbied the U.S. government to raise the cap on the number of visas.

In 2008, employers snapped up all 65,000 visas allotted on the first day, April 1. But starting in 2009, after the financial crisis hit, the flow of applications has steadily diminished.

The program, which enables foreigners to work in the U.S. for three to six years, was created as part of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1990 to help U.S. companies overcome a shortage of workers in specialty occupations, such as computer programming. Recently, the program has been attacked by lawmakers who say it displaces American workers and depresses wages.

Supporters and opponents made their cases at a congressional hearing held March 31, the day before the federal government began accepting H-1B applications.

1099 Classification for your contingent workforce

As more and more Fortune 1000 companies realize the advantages of building a flexible, diverse and multi-talented workforce through the use of contingent labor, it leaves procurement and staffing professionals with the burden of determining whether your organization will allow or not allow contract employees to operate in a 1099 capacity through your vendor base.

The Fountain Group has consulted with several of our client’s Risk Management Professionals, Employment Attorneys, Human Resource Professionals as well as Tax Attorneys to fully understand both the risks and rewards of establishing a 1099 program.

In order to maintain the integrity of: Master Service Agreements, Insurance Policies, Workers Compensation and General Liability it is TFG’s stance that a “W-2” arrangement is typically the best strategy in protecting both the client, MSP/VMS and the Employee however our firm has developed and implemented a 1099 plan for specialized occasions that engaging a contractor in a traditional manner is not best suited.

For example, organization “X” might require a highly skilled (and very expensive) consultant to evaluate your corporate marketing budget under a defined task order or open ended purchase order. In many cases, this might be an ongoing requirement that is sporadic and not defined by a 40 hour work week with direct day to day supervision. (a true consultant) This would be a prime opportunity to allow your staffing vendor to properly recruit and do a classification analysis of the job description in order to find a candidate who can work on a 1099 basis in a fully tax, legal, and risk compliant manner. Allowing this consultant to multi task projects will minimize cost to your organization without sacrificing quality and exposing yourself to the liabilities generally associated with a 1099 contractor (given the job requirements & he/she meet the proper classification)

The Fountain Group is very interested in helping educate and/or execute our 1099 Classification & On-boarding program with new clients.

For a free analysis, consultation or additional information, please send a request to The request will be distributed to both our Human Resources Department and Sales Director.

Winter Updates

The Fountain Group is pleased to announce the promotion of Danny Ryu from the Recruiting team to our Business Development team. Mr. Ryu has a very strong worth ethic and the creativity to help drive more business our way. In one year’s time, Danny became the top producing recruiter amongst the entire office.

TFG wants to thank Danielle Jones for her extra efforts over the past few weeks. With the blizzard conditions affecting over 1/3 of the United States this winter season, many of our clients and candidates have had trouble getting to and conducting interviews. Danielle worked dilligently after hours to ensure that reschedules and cancellations were properly communicated to all parties involved.

Kudos to our BD team for landing a Fortune 500 Publishing company. Our team looks forward to staffing their unique positions.

Opening of our Professional Development Center

The Fountain Group is pleased to announce that as of December 13th, 2010 we have opended our training facility. The first class is in session!

In doing so, this will allow one on one training for our new recruiting staff and refresher training for our veterans. Our goal is to ensure that our team has every opportunity to keep up to date on best practices and industry knowledge.

This is another extra step that TFG takes so that we remain more competetive than our rival firms in the market place.

The Holiday party at Jackson’s Bistro was a huge success and pictures can be found at this link: